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Cement glass industry will be the focus of restructuring of state-owned enterprises this year

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Feng Liguo, deputy researcher of China Enterprise Federation, told the Securities Daily that state-owned enterprises need to sell a batch of inefficient and ineffective assets in the process of capacity removal, inventory removal, de-leverage, weight loss, quality improvement and efficiency improvement, and the disposal of "zombie" enterprises. In the current context, if there is no relevant government. The explicit provisions of the policy document will be difficult to carry out.
Zhang Deli, a macro-researcher of Minsheng Securities, told Securities Daily in an interview that since the top-level design document of state-owned enterprise reform was issued in September last year, the central and local governments have also introduced more detailed reform programs. As far as the current situation is concerned, this year should be the year when various reform measures come into being. It is expected that the follow-up reform will be accelerated in an all-round way, including the strategic reorganization of central enterprises, the merger and reorganization of local state-owned enterprises and the reform of mixed ownership.
According to Tonghuashun statistics, since this year, 1339 listed companies in A-share market have participated in 2178 M&A and reorganization, including 383 state-owned enterprises and 543 cases.
Zhang Deli believes that the upstream industry is still facing the situation of excess capacity. At present, the capacity work mainly adheres to the principle of "less bankruptcy liquidation, more mergers and reorganizations". It is expected that more state-owned enterprises will participate in M&A and reorganization in the follow-up to improve the industry concentration. In this regard, the capital market will also be reflected.
Cement glass industry will be the focus of restructuring of state-owned enterprises this year.
"With the encouragement of regulatory authorities, market pressure and the promotion of system construction, more and more state-owned enterprises will rely on leading enterprises to achieve strong cooperation and professional restructuring through equity cooperation, asset replacement and free transfer. At the same time, we will accelerate the withdrawal of some non-main industries and low-end sectors of general industries which lack competitive advantages to coordinate with the supply-side reform. Among them, iron and steel, coal, cement, electrolytic aluminium, glass, non-ferrous, shipping, shipping and other industries with excess capacity will be the focus of state-owned enterprises merger and reorganization this year. Founder Securities chief economist Ren Zeping said.
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