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Glass water processing technology

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Glass water processing technology. Speaking of glass water, we believe that information technology is no stranger to us. It is an expendable product on our car. It will need to be added for a long time. The so-called glass water is the common name of automobile windshield cleaning fluid, which belongs to the consumable goods used in automobiles. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of glass water in the retail market of automobile products in China.
Glass water processing technology
1. Commonly used in summer, insecticide is added to the cleaning solution, which can quickly remove the fly residues impacted on the windshield.
2. Anti-freezing glass cleaning liquid specially used in winter ensures that the automobile facilities will not freeze when the external temperature is below minus 20 degrees Celsius.
3. The special anti-freezing type guarantees that the freezing point of the glass water itself can be adjusted freely according to the ambient temperature of the climate. It is not invariable. The anti-freezing glass water is suitable for the use in the severe cold areas in the north of our country.